NANORA, the Nano Regions Alliance, is based on the conviction that nanotechnology is a key enabling technology for the 21st century and that European regions need to engage in concerted action to be successful in the global competition for nano-enabled economic growth. NANORA consequently aims at strengthening cooperation between European regions in the development of regional and transnational nanotechnology assets.

Interested parties may participate in NANORA as full Members, Associates, or Supporters, as visualized in the following chart:

a. How to become a NANORA Member

Any legal entity with full contractual capacity headquartered in Europe and active in supporting nanotechnology research and business activities (e.g., as a public policy institution, an association, a cluster or a research and technology centres) may become a full Member of the Alliance, provided that it:

  • Supports the purpose of the Alliance and strives to realize its objectives.
  • Is firmly anchored in its respective region and fulfils important roles in fostering technological and economic regional development (e.g., by administering regional support programmes, offering services to or representing SMEs and/or research institutions).

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b. How to become a NANORA Associate

Thematically related European organisations, associations, networks and initiatives that are dedicated to enhancing European cooperation in support of nanotechnology business and research but are not anchored in a specific region may become Associates within the Alliance, provided that they support its purpose and objectives.

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The statutes of the NANORA Alliance can be downloaded here: NANORA Alliance Statutes Download

“What NANORA has to offer its Members:”

NANORA Members Leaflet

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